Making a case for accessible fighting games, or a Granblue Fantasy Versus Review, which is it?

Welcome to the Boot Barn, Ferry.
My favorite inexplicable localization joke.
It is still surprisingly rare to find tutorials as good as this in most fighting games.
The game also features a fantastic Glossary that not only has a bunch of Granblue Fantasy lore in it, but also a full list of what every character’s special moves are, complete with a demonstration video you can view with the press of a button.
Proving itself useful once again, the Glossary in GBVS smartly teaches the player about a number of fighting game concepts, including the accepted terminology for it all, so you too can figure out what the fuck a “Fuzzy Guard” is.
Did I mention this game looks amazing? ArcSys’s impressive ability of making 3D models look like extremely detailed 2D sprites is in full effect again here, as you can see from this lovely close up of Zeta in the RPG Mode menu.
I had to get at least one screenshot of the game’s adorable online lobbies in here at some point. So why not at the end?

Hi, My name is Joel and I write things like incredibly long game of the year lists, the occasional review or article, and fanfiction every once in a while.

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