Thanks again, as always to my wife Zara for making the banner image as always. Source for the images used in the banner in order from left to right: Hijiyama(I think this is official art for the 1st year anniversary??), Tifa, Ichiban, Djeeta & Belial, Jin, My Nioh 2 OC (it’s a screenshot), and Zagreus.


Is 2020 over yet? Almost.

These last 11 months have felt like a significant portion of my life has gone by. Do you remember back in January before the global pandemic COVID-19 turned our world upside down? Do you remember before Nintendo decided to start putting expiration dates on some of their games? Do you remember back when we still didn’t know much about the new consoles? Do you remember what it was like to imagine you could actually manage to secure, let alone afford to purchase one of those consoles? Do you remember a time before VTubers…?


Zaraphina, my wife Zara’s Hades OC, and the only SFW picture of hers that I could find to post, haha.


Hello again, friends. For the first time ever I’ve decided to write a short companion piece to my annual Game of The Year write-ups. The goal of this “Year in Review” as I’m calling it is to talk a little bit more about some of the more personal aspects in my life that I had to deal with this year. And then move onto discussing some other forms of media that I spent time with this year aside from the usual video games subject that I can’t seem to ever shut up about.

This should be a much shorter…

This was the best screenshot I could find. Enjoy.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore — I love this game, but my wife didn’t, so I didn’t get very far this time!

Granblue Fantasy Versus — A beautiful and accessible fighting game set in Cygame’s massively popular Granblue Fantasy universe.

Call of Duty Warzone — I don’t like battle royale games, this one wasn’t any different, but I suppose I liked it slightly more than usual!

Nioh 2– An amazing sequel to Team Ninja’s spin on the ‘Soulslike’ genre, it’s better than the original even!

Animal Crossing New Horizon — Animal Crossing is a horror video game.

Resident Evil 3–…

Azur Lane

Chances are you’ve heard of “Gacha games” by now. A popular genre of mobile game that usually involves the player trying to collect characters through a process often referred to within the genre as “rolling”, which is essentially gambling, considering the player always has the option to pay real money in exchange for chances to roll.

Gacha games are also known for offering a wide variety of content to consume for as low as the price of “free”. This genre of mobile game makes use of other business models to part players from their actual real life money, but…

Perhaps my favorite screenshot out of the 7,000 screenshots I took. Which is impressive since it’s *really* hard to take good screenshots during battle.

The concept of a Final Fantasy VII Remake has been a dream game of mine for many years. Like many people, I too became totally obsessed with the original PlayStation JRPG back when it came out in the late 90’s. It was the sole reason I bought a PlayStation at the time, as I was a huge fan of Final Fantasy IV and VI on the Super Nintendo.

Final Fantasy VII is a game that needs little introduction, as it is one of the most revered video games of all time, one that ushered in a golden age for the…

Welcome to the Boot Barn, Ferry.

Ever since Granblue Fantasy Versus, a new fighting game from Japanese fighting game studio Arc System Works was announced in December of 2018, I’ve had my eye on it. Based off the extremely popular Japanese mobile RPG (see: Gacha game), GBVS was looking to be another drop dead gorgeous “anime” fighter from the makers of Guilty Gear, and Blazblue.

Unlike those games, however, one of the things that Granblue Versus does differently from those series is that it’s pitched as “an accessible fighting game”, or a fighting game for beginners if you want to get a little judgemental about it.

Pray for this to happen, a lot.

It’s almost been a year since my wife and I returned to Final Fantasy XIV and began to drastically change the way we played the game. As we get closer and closer to our goal of getting every Disciple of War and Magic Job to level 80, we’ve already actually finished the Disciple’s of the Hand, and of The Land.

We accomplished this mainly through daily turn-ins for the Grand Companies. A very expensive venture that I’m not sure I’d entirely recommend, but it worked out alright for us in the end. …

Thanks once again, as always, to my wife Zara for putting together the banner image. Source for each image in order: Emet-Selch, Marnie, V, Miriam, Leon, My Code Vein Character, Dimitri, Iris.

Hi friends, Joel here again. If you’ve ever read one of these things before, welcome back! If this is your first time, then I hope you enjoy elongated passionate rants about video games! Yes, it’s that special time of year again where I write entirely too many words about my favorite games of the year.

Looking back over the past few years, I see that I always start these things off with a pretty dire outlook on things. Usually some pretty heavy stuff going on in my life to go along with it. Then try to ease everyone into the…

Photo by Matteo Grobberio on Unsplash

The Situation

For the past, eight or so months, give or take, I’ve been having a pretty shitty time when it comes to keeping my Nintendo Switch connected to the internet. I’ve tried many different trouble shooting methods to try and fix this problem for most of 2019, and unfortunately I’m in a situation where I can’t just throw money at the problem to make it go away. So it’s up to myself, and maybe some of you to help me figure out just what the fuck is going on here.

The Facts

Alright, here’s pretty much anything and everything I can think of…

My character Ariyon Cyranuce standing in Il Mheg

The first thing that stood out to me about Shadowbringers was the music. Final Fantasy XIV’s main composer Masayoshi Soken has been knocking this game’s soundtrack out of the park for years now, so it’s not so much surprising that the soundtrack is good. Which make no mistake, Shadowbringers soundtrack is among the best we’ve seen so far. But I think the thing that really got to me this time was just how effective the game’s main theme song “Shadowbringers” is.

There are three distinct occasions that I can think of off the top of my head where this…

Nesta Jaxxon

Hi, My name is Joel and I write things like incredibly long game of the year lists, the occasional review or article, and fanfiction every once in a while.

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